Wear your passion video

This video is an inspiration to connect with each other & let passion drive us through timeless moments…
Sharing, feeling, loving every fleeting instant as if it was our last.

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Endjoy podcast 015 – Thierry Lamarque

Thierry Lamarque or known as TL, is passionate of music and events. He is now settled in Australia, fueling this passion & got involve in the party scene.

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Endjoy podcast 014 – Brainlove

Brainlove is the alias of Ackshey Dusoruth. Coming from an eclectic background, this reflects on his music – which we invite to discover throughout this new podcast! Read more ›

Endjoy podcast 013 – Olivier Marcello

A music passionate who has much experience in the outdoor parties – we’re pleased to welcome Olivier Marcello for this new episode!

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Endjoy podcast 012 – Ken Zo

Honing his skills on the Australian lands, Fabrice David a.k.a Ken Zo has much of a creative mind. Musician, dj and producer – let’s discover what his music is about!

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Endjoy podcast 011 – Ramik 17

It’s an honor to introduce on the podcast one of the pioneers of electronic music in Mauritius! Under his famous alias ‘Ramik 17′, Bernard Desmarais talks about what was & still is his passion.

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Endjoy podcast 010 – Mutecell

Finally on the Endjoy podcast, we are proud to present a mix from Kevin O’keeffe under his alias Mutecell! Now based in Berlin, he shares with us another perspective of his music!

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Endjoy podcast 009 – Mez Mezzle

Kick off this new week with these deeply tripping beats from Mez Mezzle!

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End of 2013 lookbook video

Check out this video of our latest lookbook for the festive season!
Shall it inspire you for a simple, yet delicate treat for yourself or for your loved ones!

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Endjoy podcast 008 – Mathias Duval

For this new podcast, please welcome the beats of Mathias Duval!

PresentationMathias is a music lover and has been involved into Mauritius’ clubbing scene for several years.

Despite his young age, his Md1 events company has been throwing parties in most of the local clubs and himself has begun djing.

Talk a bit about this set

I’ve always been playing some progressive tracks and I wanted to change this trend by throwing a dark techno set for this Endjoy Podcast. Here’s a selection of some tracks I’m used to enjoy on a mix, hope you enjoy it.

How you define the style of music you play and what makes you love it?

I prefer not to define a specific style since I never prepare a set or tracklist before playing for a gig, I make my set according to the people, observing them will automatically make you notice what they want. I’ve been spinning in some parties but I’m still an amateur but really enjoying the response of the crowd during and after my sets, that’s an amazing feeling, really!

What could be your advice for upcoming djs?

I’m myself still learning, but if they want be become good at what they do they must enjoy what they do, try to define their own style and play according to the crowd.

Your favourite tune at the moment?

PRT Stacho – Dark Angel


Tracklist for ENDJOY PODCAST 008 – Mathias Duval

Voda – Mutation
Da Fresh, Maverickz – Free Your Mind (Rom1 Remix)
Pedro Freiberger – Abndnd6flags
PRT Stacho – Dark Angel
Cut Knob – The Black Virgen (Inkfish Remix)
Inner Solution -Flatline
Deepfunk – Crystals (Yamil Colucci Remix)
Walkboy & Hells Kitchen – Autism


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