Endjoy as proud partner of the Electrolive 4 music conference

In case you were not aware, Electrolive is an event where are showcased the promising electronic music producers in Mauritius! It is a great occasion to discover the world of music production and support the local artists! This year it’s taking place on Saturday 18th December at IFM (Rose Hill) and the special highlight is that there will be workshops with producers making demos of the softwares/hardwares in front of you and even answer all of your questions!

At Endjoy, we support all the initiatives towards the development of the artistic minds in Mauritius. After being partner on the M-Audio Dj contest, we team up once more with Maurisoft, provider of graphic/audio programs and courses, to present the 4th edition of Electrolive!

Do not miss an exclusive performance of the band from Reunion island: ZION LIGHT!

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