Endjoy podcast – 002 – Dj Rain

For the second episode of the Endjoy podcast, we have the pleasure to welcome Dj Rain. He recently was under the spotlights for the KGB Mind Groove remix contest which was targeting the local producers. We now have a chance to explore his sound through this podcast!


Tracklist for ENDJOY PODCAST 002 – Dj Rain

1. Kadebostan – Mother cries
2. Microtrauma – Contrast (Max Cooper remix)
3. Pan-Pot- Captain my captain (Rodriguez Jr.Remix)
4. Dj rAin – Fall into pieces (Original mix)
5. Moshic – 15 is god (Original mix)
6. Rodskeez – Drone scope (Original mix)
7. Fiord – Scratching the sides (Sheff remix)
8. Popof – The chomper (Matt Walsh remix)
9. Ucef – Rajkumar (Original mix)
10. Ashraf Mansour – Heat
11. Fernando Ferreyra – Particles (Pablo Ascenso mix)
12. Black Beauty – They are here (Original mix)


Give us a presentation of yourself!
When I wind the clock 19 years back, I still am fascinated how the Beatles influenced the world with their great music. This is when I started my journey through life with music. I am Pranesh Bholah who goes by the nickname dj_rAin. The origin of this nick-name comes from an analogy that I made with rain fall. Music is universal so is the rain and vice versa. Music won’t choose your color; music won’t choose who you are. So does the rain. It just pours around drenching you. Music pours emotions. Being a dj is a passion that I inherited from the love of playing instruments, drums, guitars, synths, without really learning notes. I used the art of listening (or ears…). I slowly discovered the magic of technology, and how music became more and more accessible. I started making commercial sets, recording them on minidisc recorders. Though they were not drop dead perfect, I was happy because they brought me reminiscence of my adolescence. Since then, I never stopped learning and gaining experience in the field of electronic dance music. I’ve had gigs around the island, starting at a small local pub turned club, ex jazzy, which is in ruins now, at the Zenfant Terrible, Ngyone, Shout Club, Buddah club and Redcat Beach lounge. I’m shifting more towards making my own music and making some remixes, in my own eclectic style. I have made some remixes for a band known as VAST who have made soundtracks for film-series such as csi, one tree hill , smallville. I have also remixed local Mauritian artists’ works such as Damien Elisa. Now I am starting to include my own productions in my sets. I am still at a learning level, and I believe there’s no age, no barrier to making music. If you feel like making it, just make music. It is a reflection of your personality.

How you define the style of music you play and what makes you love it?
Little by little, there’s a transcendence of genres coming up. What I mean is that when you play live, you obviously play for the crowd. But you should know how to strike that balance between the styles you play, you love, and what precisely at a precise moment the crowd is asking for. When you are successful in achieving this intersection, I believe this is the so called ‘perfect’ style. For the moment, i am spinning progressive house, be it dark, melodic, or electro, records. I also am witnessing the rise of minimal techno on the underground scene which is being heavily influenced by different genres, thus proving my transcendence theory..ha! I love melodies that have crests and troughs, making your emotions go like equalizers, up and down, up and down. Progressive house really attracts me because it starts with its usual 4-4,-8-8 beat and lots of synth giving atmosphere and progressive bass, but then settles down into into a very melodic soothing music, and rises to the climax exploding again with the classic house beat, which is beyond description. For reasons that are know, I will play different records for different sets, a live one will be different from a homemade set.
What was your personal dj performance you enjoyed the most?
At any place, any given venue, I will enjoy if my mates are there. But till now my best personal djing experience was at the summer Opening music conference at the REDcat Beach lounge, where I had 50-60 friends that all turned up that night, and were going crazy on the dance floor when I was spinning. Even though I played underground music, they were going nuts, and this was and is till now, the best feeling I’ve ever had. I always prepare a set beforehand, but on that day, I just played what I felt like, and cued in song after song, and there were people like all over the place. Amazing!

What could be your advise for upcoming djs?

My advice to upcoming djs is to get maximum influences from other artist. Remain humble in what you do and be creative. You also have to share what you like to people who don’t share the same taste. Remember music creates bonds. Djing is proving itself to be an art. Not some kind of insane competition where you have to be the best or spin records in a different way. Always listen to what those with experience have got to say, and no matter what happens, even if you hit the stop button on a hugely crowded gig, remember, this could be a creative way of spinning. Persevere and do what you like. If you don’t like it, then don’t do it. It’s as simple as that.

Your favourite tune at the moment?
Very tough question, but at the moment I’m spinning wherever I can, Contrast by Microtrauma (Original mix). Great combination of minimal and progressive melodies.

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