ENDJOY PODCAST – 003 – Tahir

For this third episode of the Endjoy podcast, we’ll be having a deep view on Tahir’s music. Compared to other djs, Tahir has rapidly builded his reputation as underground dj and he now plays at many various events. Let’s hear what he has to says about his music.


Tracklist for ENDJOY PODCAST 003 – Tahir

1. Nicolas Masseyeff – Mugen (Original Mix)
2. Rodskeez – Drone Scope(Original Mix)
3. ID
4. 16 Bit Lolitas – Murder Weapon (Original Mix)
5. Ellen Allien – Searching (Shonky Remix)
6. Anja Schneider – Hello Boy (Original Mix)
7. Pan-Pot feat. Cari Golden – Captain My Captain (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)
8. ID
9. Klement Bonelli – Air (Original Mix)
10.Richie G – Eterna (Original Mix)


Give us a presentation of yourself!
Tahir Aubdool, 22 years old and actually started to mix back in 2008 in small parties and events. By delevoping my skills in mixing, I progressively started make myself a name on the mauritian scene in 2009. I am now actually resident dj at Shout’s Dark Room.

How you define the style of music you play and what makes you love it?
Here it’s known as underground music or some people call it simply electronic music. I always try to define my
style in my own way by keeping in touch with a little bit of everything like tech house, minimal, techno,
progressive, psy trance & so on. Sometimes I just follow the musical trends.

What was your personal dj performance you enjoyed the most?

Well, I’ve been mixing in so many gigs that I can’t define exactly. Every gig is different, as well as the crowd. So I always give my best,
follow the crowd and to enjoy myself with them making each & every party a mind-blowing one.

What could be your advise for upcoming djs?
Start from the basics, learn the ropes & focus on what you do.

Your favourite tune at the moment?
My favourite actually is ‘Pan-Pot feat. Cari Golden – Captain My Captain (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)’ – it’s also found
on this mix.

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