Endjoy podcast 010 – Mutecell

Finally on the Endjoy podcast, we are proud to present a mix from Kevin O’keeffe under his alias Mutecell! Now based in Berlin, he shares with us another perspective of his music!

Talk a bit about this set

Well to be honest, this set I did is quite special but still remains in the same concept that I like… I did this set for an exposition at a gallery in Berlin for a Japanese artist Yu Hokazono, so I decided to play something dark, ambient and trippy… but I could define the style I love to play as a mental, hypnotic techno … Sounds that match perfectly together, hypnotising the crowd in a mysterious manner. And I love it because I feel it inside of me nothing more nothing less.

What could be your advice for upcoming djs?

Well, we’re in 2014 and I really don’t know where all this dj thing is going but I hope it will always get respected in its traditional form of art so my advice is to do it if you can and feel it. Don’t do it because somebody else is doing it and look famous or something like that haha

Your favourite tune at the moment?

Tadeo – S07

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