Endjoy podcast 012 – Ken Zo

Honing his skills on the Australian lands, Fabrice David a.k.a Ken Zo has much of a creative mind. Musician, dj and producer – let’s discover what his music is about!


I come from Cap-Malheureux, Mauritius. I am currently in Melbourne and have just completed a bachelor in Music Industry. Since childhood, I was brought up in music. I was lucky to attend ‘Le Conservatoire de Musique François Mitterrand’ where I learnt violin. I also studied at ‘Le Conservatoire de Musique Frederic Chopin’, where I learnt piano. I discovered my passion for electronic music in 2006 and I began to DJ in 2007 in Mauritius under the alias Mr. Snob. Since in Australia I rebranded my DJ/producer career under the alias Ken Zo and have been evolving in the Melbourne electronic scene for 3 years now.

Talk a bit about this set

This set is the one I performed for a yearly event called Organic Audio. The event is a showcase of EDM producers of Melbourne and New Zealand. The set includes 7 originals and 2 remixes I made over the course of the past 2 years. I chose those tracks in particular because they fit more into the context of the event and my set time.

How you define the style of music you play and what makes you love it?

Originally, Ken Zo was meant to be a techno project. However, I was introduced to the psytrance community in Melbourne within my first few weeks in Australia and I fell in love with the events and people surrounding that genre of music.
It is a slow process, but over time I picked up bits and pieces from different branches of psychedelic music. Now I like to think of Ken Zo as a fusion between techno genres and psychedelic genres to form a new umbrella of electronic music – Psytech or Psychedelic Techno

What could be your advice for upcoming djs?
Always keep an open mind and never stop learning about music and the environment you evolve in. Remain focused and determined in the face of rejection and remember that love is in answer!

Your favourite tune at the moment?

Hypnagog – Undefinable Uncertainties
This is a track from his new Album – Thematic Mathematics. Every single track in this album is a master piece and I have been hooked on it for over a month now.


Tracklist for ENDJOY PODCAST 012 – Ken Zo

1. Ken Zo – Weh (Original) [unreleased]
2. Ken Zo – Little Philosopher [Bowlba Records]
3. Ken Zo – Frozen Soul (Original Mix) [Criminal Zone Records]
4. Ken Zo – A Jester’s Bane (Original Mix) [Sonic Elixir Records]
5. Ken Zo – Lazteck (Original Mix) [Sonic Elixir Records]
6. Ken Zo – Dancing Fairies (Original mix) [Bassic Records/unreleased]
7. Triforce – The Harmonic Convergence (Ken Zo Remix)  [Bassic Records/unreleased]
8. Duckee – Hobo Tech (Ken Zo remix) [Bassic Records]
9. Ken Zo – The Stone of Aranok [Sonic Elixir Records]

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