Joseph Capriati interview

Joseph Capriati exclusive interview for Endjoy

After a weekend of relentless techno music in the Northside, the italian superstar Dj and producer shares with us his feels about Mauritius and music before taking his flight!

How were the 2 events at Buddah club and Redcat?
I’m really happy to be in Mauritius! Was really amazing time! Each time I had great fun, every party was really good. I really loved the people and the friendship they gave to me, so I’m really looking forward to be here again and I really advise other artists to come here and play here in Mauritius! It’s too much fun and I want to say thanks to everybody and for everything!

What are the difference between a mauritian and european gig?

There are some difference. For example, when I play in Europe, there’s more culture, more technology, sound systems and everything but here I was really impressed because a lot of people think that Mauritius is commercial but I don’t think so. When I was playing, I saw mauritians dancing to pure techno and I saw also big energy, more than in Europe. The people really wanna have fun and listen to good music.
Of course in Europe, there’s a lot of good music, amazing people and festivals but you know, to find this energy in Mauritius was so surprising and maybe mauritians are more warm that than european people, this is the big difference I found here.

How can we promote the local underground scene?
Listen to good music. Internet is a big channel! Stay connected to underground movements. It’s not important that Mauritius is an island, just go on internet and check everything.

What is your advise for upcoming Djs?
Observe and learn from the big artists. You must have a good promotion and be into production. Today it’s very hard without producing music, to be a professional dj.
Also important is to play a lot and make experiments on the dancefloor because if you become a famous artist, you need to play good music with good mixing.
People want succesful djs and producers. Believe everytime in what you’re doing.


Available for free download! An exclusive recording of Joseph’s set at Redcat (Mauritius Island)

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