Endjoy podcast 014 – Brainlove

Brainlove is the alias of Ackshey Dusoruth. Coming from an eclectic background, this reflects on his music – which we invite to discover throughout this new podcast!


Born in the mid-80′s on the beautiful island of Mauritius, Brainlove’s musical journey started in the late 90′s on the rock scene and with this passion for music, he started digging out into the electronic and techno scene. With a Metropolitan exposure in London lasting 5 years, he expanded his library by adding a variety of musical genres like deep house / progressive house / tech house / minimal house / pure house / deep progressive minimal and drum & bass. He also played at numerous house parties and bars until 2010, when he soiled the homelands. Surrounded by a colorful and exotic music culture, mixed with his international exposure, Brainlove starts to master the art of blending instrumental sounds with groove to produce a unique expression of harmony and happiness. Far out in nature, his musical journey is taken to another level whereby playing in the outdoor scene, he soaked into dubstep / tripping progressive psy-trance while combining mellow psy-chill & reggae music genres. Brainlove’s unique skills eventually earned him residency at ZooBar in Quatre Bornes for 2 years and following which, he is now resident at Kenzi Bar in Flic en Flac. Playing on the beautiful coast of Mauritius, he indulges into reggae Roots / electronic / soulful / trip hop & progressive.

Talk a bit about this set

I can define my musical style as progressive and what makes me love it is when the musical journey starts together with the crowd.

What could be your advice for upcoming djs?
Make people love your music and don’t force them :)

Your favourite tune at the moment?

Be Svendsen – On the Hill


Tracklist for ENDJOY PODCAST 014 – Brainlove

Kliment – Forest Of Wishes

Fishy – Moving Through Dreams

Electronic Swing Orchestra – Schlaraffenland

Entheogenic – Aranyanyara

The Cure – Lullaby (Pig & Dan Remix)

TicTech – Graufruhling

Petar Dundov – Origins

Troll3r – Rising

Radiohead – Everything In its Right Place (Hubert Kirchner Remix)

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