Endjoy podcast 015 – Thierry Lamarque

Thierry Lamarque or known as TL, is passionate of music and events. He is now settled in Australia, fueling this passion & got involve in the party scene.


TL, a psychedelic music DJ who founded his roots in music in Mauritius and now expanding his musical journey on the Australian scene. Travelling the world to new festivals and experiences is what drives my inspiration.

What is your music style?

My style of music when I DJ is can be anything from Techy to Progressive Dark Psychedelic, I can juggle with the two genres quite conformably and bring a fusion to the two dimensions.

What could be your advice for upcoming djs?

My advice to upcoming DJs is to experience a few festivals and feel the groove on the dance floor to know why and for what reason you want to DJ. Each set that I prepare, I visualise myself on a dance floor and feel what I want to project during the set, this creates the path to the set.

Your favourite tune at the moment?

My Favourite tune at the moment is Space Jester by Ajja which is the 3rd track in this set. This is one of the rare progressive psychedelic sounds that feels like its being played at 145 bpm.


Tracklist for ENDJOY PODCAST 015 – Thierry Lamarque

1) Kabi – Spyralus
2) Bacchus – Distant lights
3) Ajja, Dymons – Space Jester
4) Bacchus – Cosmic dreams
5) Dymons, Floating Groove – Frequencies Analyser
6) Tasp – The Big picture
7) Tasp – Primordial energy
8) Kabi – Gruntsi Pop
9) Sensient – Galaxians


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